Do you dream of eating all the right foods, having the energy to workout, sleeping well, and feeling less stress/anxiety? Overwhelmed by wellness trends and don’t know how to start?

Guess what? Wellness doesn’t have to be confusing, or hard. When you simplify your routine and explore what works for you, change is possible.

I’ve been there, trying every trend under the sun, working out my body to the point of exhaustion with no results. I was overweight and felt completely overwhelmed by wellness trends (and all the impossibly beautiful people promoting them) and like a total failure for not meeting those standards.

When I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease my body was shouting for help. It was tired, stressed out, filled with toxins, and crying out for real food. After that diagnosis, I made a conscious decision to change. To find what works for my body. And most importantly, to care for my body as if I were caring for a loved one.

By implementing simple daily rituals, one step at a time, I reclaimed my health and created the wellness routine that works for me. Now I want to support you in your wellness journey.

Simply Well is a 10 week program to create your personal mindful wellness routine.

We will partner together to break down your health goals into actionable, simplified pieces to create solid habits that lead to lasting change. I won’t tell you what foods to eat, or how many hours a week to do cardio. What I will do is provide the methods to support you in finding out what works for your body + mind.

In the 10 weeks you will:

  • explore how essential oils can support your mind, body, and soul
  • learn how to decrease your toxic load and support your body’s natural detox systems
  • create daily wellness rituals
  • find what foods work for your body, and which to avoid
  • create the best movement routine for your body and schedule
  • learn troubleshooting strategies to make change last

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Deliveries of essential oils personally selected for your wellness goals
  • 8 one on one coaching calls
  • Access to my private facebook group for community support
  • Step by step, personalized implementation plan and continuous support for lasting change

Over the 10 weeks you will create a lasting wellness routine that works for you. You’ll leave this program with the tools to not only continue living well, but you’ll have a baseline routine to call on whenever life starts getting too hectic.


I’m looking for the right people ready to make positive change in their life. Click the link below so we can chat about your wellness goals.