I believe…

In the healing power nature.
I believe that a nourished body
is a relaxed body
is a clear mind
is a soul at peace.
I believe in the warm spicy comfort
and the uplifting light of the right oils.
I believe in the power of nature
to heal
to calm
to create.

I believe in tapping into connections
with nature
to find balance
break down energy blocks
for mental clarity
and calming,

Wellness is different for every body.

But it is attainable by everyone.

How I got here

In August 2017 I left my busy startup job in Boston to move to Berlin with my husband. 6 months after uprooting our entire life, I was diagnosed with one and a half-ish autoimmune diseases: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and unconfirmed Celiac disease (my Dr. refers to it as “celiac in training”). Navigating the medical world with an autoimmune disease is hard; doing so in a foreign country where I barely speak the language was even harder. I quickly learned to take control of my health and implement holistic healing practices — I traded my busy life, takeout, and wine nights for meditation, clean eating, and bone broth. 

I’m back in Boston now, where I host wellness/essential oils workshops and partner with health conscious brands to develop their visual identity and communications strategies. LaVie Creative is an outlet for me to share the ups and downs of my wellness journey as I travel, work, and navigate life with an autoimmune disease. I hope to inspire others to let go of the hustle, and start living well. 

What I’ve learned

Wellness isn’t this ephemeral thing out of the grasp of mere mortals. It’s also not confined to big sweeping isolated gestures like a retreat or a juice cleanse once in a while. It’s in the small every day actions we take. Wellness is in the details. It’s in simple self care — like taking the time to make yourself a warming cup of tea every morning. It’s being attentive as the water flows into the cup, saturating the tea leaves as they dance in the flow of the water as steam floats out. It’s in being present and mindful even if you’re just washing your face. It’s in the deep breaths of the pure aroma of a drop of essential oils.

Connecting with nature through what we put on and in our bodies is a practice in mindfulness and self care. Through holistic healing I have learned that connection with nature and everyday mindfulness empower us to be in tune with our bodies and truly understand what wellness means for ourselves. In being mindful with the everyday actions in my life, I have found wellness by tapping into what my body, mind, and soul need. In becoming tuned in with my body, I am able to work with it rather than against it.

What I want for you

I want you to feel empowered to live your best life. I want you to break down your energy blockers and open your mind to find your purpose. I want you to tap into the healing, grounding power of nature to set your soul on fire. I want you to know how it feels to be in control of your wellness and have the mental clarity to reach your goals! 

What do you want?