Essential oils are an incredible way to use the power of nature to support your emotional and physical wellness. Through one on one consulting or group workshops, I will work with you to identify your wellness needs, educate you on what essential oils are and how you can use them, and help to select the perfect oils for you!

What are essential oils anyway?

If you’ve ever enjoyed the scent of a rose or the sweet whiff of an orange rind as you peel it open, you’ve experienced essential oils. Essential oils are highly concentrated and potent aromatic compounds from petals, bark, seeds, rinds, stems, and roots. They can be used for emotional support, health care, and skincare. 

How are they used?

Diffusing essential oils is the simplest way to receive their benefits. Use a diffuser, put a couple drops in the palm of your hands and cup over your nose as you breathe in, or smell straight from the bottle. Diffusing is beneficial for emotional support — some oils are stimulating while others relaxing — or to cleanse and purify the air.

Essential oils are easily absorbed into the skin and blood stream. Using a lightweight carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil can help absorption. There are certain points, like the bottom of your feet, that are best for topical use. You can also use oils topically for skincare or on specific accupoints and chakras.

A good amount, but not all, essential oils can be taken internally. This is where quality is of the utmost importance when selecting oils. When ingested, they enter the blood stream via the gastrointestinal tract and are transported to the rest of the body. They’re lipid soluble so are readily transported to all organs of the body. To use internally you can put oils in gel capsules or drop under your tongue.

Quality matters

The quality (and purity) of every product you use is important. Because essential oils are so volatile, the slightest adulteration, chemical additive or impurity can affect the potency and performance of the oil. The essential oils industry is unregulated, and adulteration is common. I choose to partner with doTERRA because of their commitment to certified pure therapeutic grade oils and transparency with testing. All oils are tested at different stages of production to ensure no adulteration or contamination. In addition to testing, doTERRA works with growers and distillers to properly harvest and process the plants. Their commitment to quality goes all the way to the sourcing and working with growers in the areas of the world in which the plants are native. When essential oils are sourced from their indigenous regions, the potency is stronger.

How can I get my hands on some oils?

You can order essential oils by enrolling with a wholesale account. Just like a costco membership, you pay a small membership fee ($35) to get 25% discount on your oils. If you sign up with the purchase of an enrollment kit, the membership fee is waived! I recommend starting with the Home Essentials Kit. It includes some of the most versatile oils and is the perfect way to start your collection.

Not sure where to start?

Schedule a consultation with me and I’ll hook you up! We’ll talk about your wellness goals and current routine then I’ll give you personalized oil recommendations.

Want to learn with friends?

You can attend one of my events, or host a workshop where I will teach all about essential oils and their uses. Workshops can be individualized for different groups — like how to use oils to relieve stress at work!

Already know what you’d like?

Click the link below to sign up for a wholesale account. Remember, if you start with an enrollment kit, the $35 membership fee is waived!

Essential oils are amazing! How can I get involved?

Do you envision yourself sharing oils? Why not get paid in the process! This business is a team effort. Through mentorship, collaboration, and empowerment we work together to build each other up. Join me to share all natural wellness and create your own business, or just get paid to share. This business is all about flexibility and lots of love. Let’s find a time to connect and talk more!