Summer Getaway in the French Alps: Lac d’Annecy

I'm going to let these photos speak for themselves... So much of this trip was spent just walking around the lake and enjoying the views. ... READ the POST

Summer Getaway in the French Alps: Where to Stay

After 2 months of anticipating our move to Berlin (and all of the logistical planning/packing/anxiety that went along with that) we made it to Annecy! Located in the lakes region of France, it's an ... READ the POST

Boston Eats Farewell Tour Part 3: Serafina

So I didn't realize the Serafina restaurants have so many locations. I've been to the NY meatpacking district location and it was very good. A friend from work took me to the Boston location for a ... READ the POST

Boston Eats Farewell Tour Part 2: Coppa

For part 2 of our farewell tour we went to Coppa (I'm realizing now, most of our favorite places in Boston are in the South End). Coppa is the perfect place to share plates of meat and cheese and ... READ the POST

Boston Eats Farewell Tour Part 1: South End Buttery

Before moving to Berlin Brandon and I wanted to hit up all of our favorite Boston places. Our first stop was The Buttery in the southend. They have my ALL TIME FAVORITE eggs Benedict. Any time I get ... READ the POST

Red Rock National Preservation

We recently took a trip to Vegas for a family wedding. After a weekend of festivities, Brandon and I took a day trip out to Red Rock National Preservation on the outskirts of the city. While I've been ... READ the POST

Date Night Dinner: Easy Crock Pot Chicken

This recipe is perfect for a Saturday date night in! I put the chicken in the crock pot around 1:00pm, and by 7:00 it's perfection. And then, this: So, this recipe changes up a bit every time I ... READ the POST

The Beets!

Bree and I got together and made the best Valentine themed beet salad! We used Kalettes (the cutest little cross between kale and brussels sprouts) and blood oranges.This is a pretty straightforward ... READ the POST

Kati & Jackson

This engagement photo shoot is extra special for me because I've known Kati and Jackson since our sophomore year of college. Kati and I met on co-op and fell in love playing in the office and ... READ the POST

Lazy Saturday

When you're a freelancer, and you love the work you do, sometimes it's hard to find a line between work and play. I tend to be very productive on Saturdays. But that can get exhausting if you don't ... READ the POST

Balsamic Braised Crispy Chicken

This balsamic braised crispy chicken is my new favorite recipe! It's a great way to get the juiciness of braised chicken, while keeping the skin crispy. Everything is really easy to prep, and doesn't ... READ the POST