Sleep Potion

This. blend. works. For six weeks after flying back home from Berlin I could not get a solid night’s sleep. It was like I never recovered from jet lag — until I used this blend. I was also having a ... READ the POST

AIP Day 90!

Today is my 90th day on the elimination phase of the autoimmune protocol! As I write this I’m riding the train home from my third check in appointment with my functional medicine doctor, and third ... READ the POST

Pulled Pork Tostones Rellenos

I am obsessed with tostones! I first had them on our honeymoon in Puerto Rico, and ate them probably every single day there. When I learned that plantains were AIP friendly, I knew I had to learn how ... READ the POST

Embracing Tech for Wellness

The autoimmune protocol isn’t just a diet; it’s a well rounded approach to healing that focuses on all aspects of life including self care, sleep, and stress management. I’ve found that as I focus ... READ the POST