5 Wellness Trends that are Worth the Hype

Trends can be fun to play around with, but without a solid foundational wellness routine, it can get overwhelming. You don’t need to try every wellness trend you scroll past to be living well—you’re a ... READ the POST

Cypress Essential Oil

I love diffusing cypress essential oil when I work with grapefruit, bergamot, geranium, or the LTO Citrus Bloom. The citrus or flower oils with it's woody aroma are so good! It's perfect when you need ... READ the POST

Essential Oils for Seasonal Support

I have been taking one of these babies every morning to support my body while the seasons change and seasonal allergy threats are high. The essential oil blend supports healthy respiratory function, ... READ the POST


Also known as "The Grounding Blend," Balance is a blend of tree and floral oils that calms and centers energy. It counteracts stress and overwhelm and promotes feelings of tranquility by balancing and ... READ the POST

Zendocrine Blend

Guuuuyyyyyyzzzzzzzz doTERRA's Zendocrine blend is another powerhouse that I've used in healing my autoimmune disease symptoms. Zendocrine supports the body's natural ability to rid itself of toxins, ... READ the POST

Detox Routine

Having a consistent detox routine is important. There's no need kill yourself through big cleanses (which, ps, they won't help anyway) if you're consistently supporting your body's natural detox ... READ the POST

All About Turmeric Essential Oil

Even though I personally can't stand the smell, turmeric essential oil is my go-to when I'm feeling a flare up coming on. It fights inflammation so it alleviates joint pain, and also helps combat my ... READ the POST

Inflammation Fighting Essential Oils

After accidentally eating a bite of sweet potatoes that had been cooked with ghost pepper (one of the hottest peppers on planet Earth) at a restaurant, I was in serious need of these inflammation ... READ the POST

Transitioning Your Wellness Routine for Spring

Spring is a time for regrowth and to get out of our winter hibernation. It’s a great chance to take a look at our routines, set some new intentions, and clear out the cobwebs of winter. Let your ... READ the POST

Mindfulness for Productivity

I've read countless books and articles and theories on productivity (not a humble brag... it's dumb — and a bit ironic — how much time I've wasted trying to crack the productivity code). It wasn't ... READ the POST

Hauswitch Home + Healing: A Space for Modern Witches

When the news seems to get scarier by the day, protecting our emotions and energy is as important as protecting our physical health. But caring for ourselves is something that is often left behind in ... READ the POST

An Open Letter To The Doctor Who Accused Me Of Being Emotional

You’re the fourth gynecologist I’ve seen in a year. The first couple told me my pain was normal. One even told me the pain was in my head. The pain that leaves me crumpled in bed unable to move, talk ... READ the POST