Essential Oils for Seasonal Support

I have been taking one of these babies every morning to support my body while the seasons change and seasonal allergy threats are high. The essential oil blend supports healthy respiratory function, natural detox systems, and can help alleviate brain fog.

This is a wonderful blend to support your body, but by no means takes the place of medicine if that’s what your body needs. My seasonal allergy symptoms are not severe, so this blend is enough for me.

In an empty gel capsule, combine:

3 drops Frankincense

(expectorant, respiratory support, can help with brain fog, enhances the efficacy of other oils)

5 drops Lemon

(respiratory, cleansing, and immune support, aids concentration)

5 drops Peppermint

(promotes clear breathing and supports respiratory function)

5 drops Lavender

(calming and balancing effects, helps relieve headaches)

Doterra Home Essentials Kit

PS… All of these versatile oils are included in The Home Essentials Kit

Contact me for more info and to get your hands on some oils!

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