AIP Day 90!

Today is my 90th day on the elimination phase of the autoimmune protocol! As I write this I’m riding the train home from my third check in appointment with my functional medicine doctor, and third acupuncture treatment. I’m feeling good. Real good. My doctor was just as excited as I was to talk about my progress! Today I’m celebrating. I’m celebrating my energy levels (even if I’m still having some lows, the highs are pretty high and happening more often), also celebrating my ability to stay focused for long enough period of time to be productive, even during a flare. I’m celebrating my commitment to my health, my mindfulness and meditation practices. I’m celebrating 90 days of nourishing my body with nutrient dense foods, and treating food as fuel and medicine. And I’m celebrating losing 22 pounds (not that weight loss is a main focus, but it is a clear indicator of my health and thyroid function). 

When I think about it, 90 days as a whole doesn’t seem like that much time. But when I look at the progress I’ve made and the amount of small wins, it seems a lot longer. 

When I started acknowledging that I was coming up on 90 days I was upset at first. I started getting consumed by the things I haven’t accomplished yet — mainly that I haven’t been able to start reintroduction just yet. Then those thoughts snowballed into frustration with traveling, and losing the ability to be spontaneous. But then I shifted my mindset (90 days of mindfulness and meditation practices do that). I decided instead of focusing on where I’m not, I’m focusing on the accomplishments I’ve made so far. When you’re healing it’s easy to get down during flares. You now know what it’s like to feel well again, so it becomes even more prominent when you don’t. When going through a healing journey, it’s the little wins that mark progress. There won’t be huge sweeping victories that happen over night. Healing isn’t linear. 

I’m looking forward to the next 90 days on the autoimmune protocol. I’m hopeful that I can start reintroducing foods soon, but determined to be patient and start reintros when I’m ready. As my Dad has told me countless times in my life… I can’t control everything (but I’ll probably never stop trying). 

Today I’m giving myself props and focusing on my accomplishments. I encourage anyone going through a similar journey to do the same. Don’t focus on what other people have done, focus on what you’ve done and how far you’ve come in your journey. Celebrate your little wins for yourself. 

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