Albaicín Granada: Tapas & Sun

Granada Espresso

Day two in Granada was reserved for wandering around. After breakfast, we started the day in the direction of the Albaicín district. Our tour guide from the Alhambra suggested this was the best spot to see the sunset in Granada so we decided we’d slowly make our way there and spend the day walking around. First stop was more caffeine for Brandon so he didn’t get cranky. We walked by a small square next to the river with a handful of Cafés.

After this guy was sufficiently caffeinated we continued and turned the corner to find this garden:


Then we continued up the hilly streets and found an outdoor restaurant with amazing views of the Alhambra and mountains.

Albaicin, Granada
Albaicin, Granada
Albaicín granada
Albaicin Granada
Albaicin, Granada

After delicious tapas and wine we wandered around a bit more before stopping at another outdoor restaurant in a square.

^ relaxed and soaking up all the Vitamin D.

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