Scotland Road Trip Part 2: Whiskey, Bagpipes, & More Hiking

We didn’t really have anything planned for our 2 nights in Oban. That’s probably for the best considering it was freezing rain the entire time anyway and a boat tour would not have been very enjoyable. On our one full day there we started our day by wondering around the town. We started at a small coffee shop for breakfast (Brandon’s first Sottish breakfast). Then we walked along the water and made our way to the Oban Distillery — because what else is there to do in a small Scottish seaside town than taste whiskey? The tour was great, and the whiskey even better. It certainly warmed us up from the elements outside.

Oban DistilleryOban DistilleryOban DistilleryOban Distillery

^ that’s my “It’s rainy and cold but the whiskey is starting to warm me up” face.

After we warmed up with whiskey, we had a lunch around the corner at Cuan Mor. It was typical pub style food, but very good — Brandon had an amazing seafood chowder. At this point the rain had let up a bit so we decided to wander some more. That’s when we found a little walking path along the coast complete with sheep and bag pipes playing from the top of the hill. There was also a cute little visitor center and museum in the white house (below) that led up to some castle ruins and insane views.

ObanOban ObanObanOban

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