Lazy Saturday

When you’re a freelancer, and you love the work you do, sometimes it’s hard to find a line between work and play. I tend to be very productive on Saturdays. But that can get exhausting if you don’t find a balance. So, today we’re balancing and taking a day off to enjoy the weather, eat some delicious food and drink some drinks.
After wandering around Salem a bit (not hard to do on a nice day) we stopped at Naumkeag Ordinary. I like it here because the menu always has something new (like the daily special taco shown above). They also have great drinks and cocktails. My go to for day drinking is rosé, so I didn’t veer from the usual. Brandon opted for a classic Pimm’s Cup.

This is the second time we’ve dined here, and both experiences were great. Today we split a Caesar salad and had the daily taco — smoked chicken salad with pickled radishes. Simple dishes, but I always appreciate when a restaurant does simple things well. That’s probably attributed to their sourcing of quality, local ingredients. The last time we were here we ordered a few different apps and some Sangria — nothing disappointed. The menu is full of usual suspects  (truffle fries, poutine, burgers, steak frites) but with creative, unexpected spins. The poutine is served with smoked brisket and vinegar BBQ; one of the burgers is topped with bourbon-bacon jam and pickled shishito pepper (which I definitely need to try next time!); the banh mi sliders are made with chorizo cured pork loin, and chicken liver mousse; and even something as simple as deviled eggs are spun with a creative take. But most importantly, Naumkeag’s kitchen creates everything from scratch using quality ingredients. Which is how simple dishes like a chicken salad taco can be the perfect lunch.


  1. Love your site. Reminds us all to enjoy the simple things in life like spending time with our loves, eating delicious foods, savoring a glass of wine, and taking in the beauty of the North Shore. You both captured it perfectly?. I look forward to your blog.

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