Balsamic Braised Crispy Chicken

This balsamic braised crispy chicken is my new favorite recipe! It’s a great way to get the juiciness of braised chicken, while keeping the skin crispy. Everything is really easy to prep, and doesn’t require too much cleanup (aside from some balsamic overflow which was a result of my clumsiness).I found the original recipe here, and made some minor adjustments due to my aversion to mushrooms, lack of spinach, and laziness (I did not feel like blanching garlic). Because I didn’t blanch the garlic, I only used 15 cloves instead of 30, as blanching cuts down on the garlic’s bite. I also only had 5 chicken thighs, not 8. I used a cast iron skillet so I cut down the chicken stock to 6 oz due to pan space. Because you sear the chicken first but don’t completely submerge it in the liquid, the skin stays crispy while the meat retains all the delicious juice.

– 5 Chicken Thighs (Bone in, skin on)
– 4 oz Butter
– 8 oz Balsamic Vinegar
– 15 clv Garlic
– 6 oz Chicken Stock

balsamic braised chicken and risotto

balsamic braised chicken and risotto

balsamic braised chicken and risotto

We paired the chicken with an asparagus risotto. Some minor adjustments on this recipe: lemon juice instead of white wine, and we threw in the asparagus about 5 minutes before the risotto was fully cooked rather than blanching it first.

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